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Dan Borges – From Infosec ITAdmin to Red Teamer to CTF Organizer

Dan Borges, a professional red teamer, blogger, and security tool developer discusses his early experiences using and exploiting computer systems, how InfoSec experts work with companies, and a new tools he and other created and released this year!

Episode Highlights:

  • Dan explains how he became involved in information security, including his introduction to programming through a Lego robotics program.
  • His early experiences as a pen-tester—i.e. a penetration tester, who looks for system security weaknesses—and why it’s difficult to get hands-on experience in that field.
  • The benefits of becoming an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP).
  • What does a red team do in an organization, and how is it different from pen-testing?
  • Dan describes the day-to-day life of a pen-tester and the kind of conflicts they can run into.
  • A few war stories from the trenches of InfoSec, as well as some of the tools pen-testers use.
  • How being grounded led to Dan’s earliest hacking experiences, and the ways his parents fostered his interests and mentality.
  • What conferences should InfoSec beginners check out?
  • Fun and beneficial ways you can “hack” reading.
  • Dan’s tips for those starting off or looking to transition into Infosec.
  • An in-depth look at one of the newer tools Dan uses for his work.
  • The rules and intricacies of InfoSec competitions.
  • Dan’s tips for reading books quickly [28:55]


“It’s such a catch-22 to get practical, hands-on experience to go to these jobs because, y’know, hacking’s illegal, right?”

“We don’t just go in and blow the brakes off people, we’re trying to measurably improve security.”

“It was a constant escalation war, cat-and-mouse like that. They’d take something away and I’d figure out how to use the computer with that limitation.”


Getting Into Infosec

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