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ICS Gabe – Electrical Engineer to Accidental Cybersecurity ICS Expert

Gabriel Agboruche (@ICS_Gabe) is a senior ICS and OT cybersecurity consultant, helping organizations solve their most challenging industrial control security problems. And that was a mouthful, but that’s what I do. Journey’s unique one and almost didn’t happen.


  • Gabe was a math whiz in the Detroit Public school system
  • During college, he had some experiences unique to him as an African American one of which was due to him being top of his class.
  • Gabe was an electrical engineer working at Nuclear facility, then #Stuxnet happened
  • The demand for cybersecurity skills combined with his experience and love for growth paved the way for where he is today.


  • “All these systems are air gaps by regulatory guidance.”
  • “I’m here for my education. I’m going to get this education. And not even necessarily prove this person wrong, but I’m going to be here and do what I have to do in order to get where I desire to be.”
  • “He’s like, wow, you’re the first black guy that I have ever seen in person.”
  • “I almost rushed with him for one that a frats.”
  • ” I saw that I would gain a greater exposure to a lot more technologies within my field. I get to see different plants. I get to touch different areas.”

Getting Into Infosec

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