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Nick Vissari – Engineering Dropout to Math Tutor to Security Architect/Engineer

Nick Vissari went from being an engineering dropout (he didn’t like creative writing) to tech consultant to math tutor. His penchant for fixing things homed him back into tech where he is now responsible for security at a large school district. He recently went back to school and received his cybersecurity degree as well.


  • At 10 yro Dad had problems putting computer together, so he helped his dad with it
  • Family never stifled any inquisitiveness he had
  • Started at a Math Tutor at the school system
  • Nick talks about how he had the wrong attitude in security [11:38]


  • “Once you get into a position somewhere, do whatever you can to make yourself invaluable. Find the things people don’t want to do and do them. The hard problems are the ones most rewarding.” [8:55]
  • “If you’re not automating right now, it’s probably because you have more resources than you what to do with.” [18:54]
  • “There are a lot of people that are security professionals but they really don’t know about how a system works.” [25:22]
  • “Just got to have that passion to want to learn and you can definitely jump into security.”[22:50]
  • “My grandmother always said: ‘Those who don’t make mistakes, don’t do much.’ So get out there a make a bunch of mistakes.” [25:35] Tweet This! 
  • “Don’t be that guy that says ‘No’ to everything. You have to be somebody that says ‘Yes… and’.” [26:06]


Getting Into Infosec:

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