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Hello! Thanks for looking into sponsoring the show and helping others Get Into Infosec. You may have a product that will help others get into the field, so why not promote it to your audience?!

Target Audience

My audience consists of those looking to get into the field. Here is a sample of who they are:

  • Students
  • Career switchers coming from Law Enforcement, Retail, IT Leadership, and everywhere else
  • Engineering managers with a new security responsibility


If you haven’t listened to a show, I highly recommend you take a listen before considering sponsorship. Each show has a “spoof ad” that I create. These ads are SNL/Improv style ads that poke fun at the industry and act as a “pause” in the show to keep the listener engaged.

Sponsor a Spoof Ad – Simple Mention

At the end of the spoof ad you would get a brief mention. “Sponsored by Acme, Inc –”. Link in the show notes.

Sponsor a Spoof Ad – Video

Sponsor the creation of an animated video of one of my existing spoof ads on YouTube. Your logo would be watermarked through the entire video. You also get a special mention at the end of the ad in the audio version. Link included in the show notes and company mentioned on Twitter.

Sponsor a Spoof Ad – Creative

Have a spoof ad created on your behalf. We would have a creative strategy session, review the script (2 revisions), and then I would produce the ad.

Transcribe An Episode

Sponsor the transcription of any particular episode and have your company name mentioned at the end and of the show with a link in the show notes.