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Tag: pentester

Syntax – Arrested Teenager to Motorcycle Racer To Pentester

Syntax had an interesting ride into infosec filled with pit stops, detours, and countersteering along the way. He got started at an early age influenced by his father and was wrongfully arrested for reporting a vulnerability in his High School. Hear his exciting journey into infosec, filled with life lessons.

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David Scrobonia – Lifelong builder, Appsec Engineer, Creator of ZAP Heads Up Display

From Zero to One, David is a lifelong builder. Wherever he goes he just builds things. From an electric car to adhoc android apps to ZAP HUD, an awesome heads up display for ZAP Proxy, a game changer imho. We discuss the lack of UX in the security tooling community, how contributing to Open Source got him his job, and even about imposter syndrome.

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